what's so special about virginia artesian

From the source, to the bottle, to your table – rest assured that our pristine water is as pure and drinkable as nature ever intended.


We have developed, engineered, and implemented a unique process to protect our product. Virginia Artesian Water is never in contact with anything that could undermine its purity. Sure, all this requires extra time, stringent employee training and detailed process tracking. But we believe the rewards are immense, and consumers of Virginia Artesian agree.


what's an artesian well

An artesian well collects water from a deep, protected aquifer. The nonporous material, of which the layers above and below the aquifer are composed, ensures that the water within the aquifer is insulated against surface contamination. It remains pure and pristine, just as nature intended.

It is not surface water…


Virginia Artesian is well-celebrated for its purity, taste and balance. It’s worth noting that the volume consumed by bottled water customers normally increases by twenty percent when they choose Virginia Artesian water.

Our enthused customers are proving that Virginia Artesian is not only Virginia’s bottled water, but that it is fast becoming a favorite all across America.


Who’s the expert when it comes to knowing how you feel? Your body, of course. Pristine Virginia Artesian water doesn’t require and doesn’t contain the chemicals and purifying agents found in many other bottled waters. It will do for you what water is meant to do – rehydrate, refresh and renew every water-craving cell in that body of yours and make you feel good. It’s pure and simple, delicious and restorative. That’s Virginia Artesian water.




The purity of our water is evident in its taste, and is proven by over ten years of perfect FDA and Virginia inspection reports. Frequent lab tests prove the absence of impurities and harmful elements found in other bottled waters. The pH and other attributes of our water are as sterling as can be imagined, and the many taste-testing competitions we’ve won further define the goodness that’s in every bottle of Virginia Artesian water.



Because our water is bottled at the source, far less energy is required to get our product to your table than, say, from some remote island point of origin. So you can feel confident in serving Virginia Artesian water to friends and family, knowing you’re doing your part for the environment as well as for their health and well-being.


Less than one percent of Earth’s water is potable, and most of that is underground. Protection of aquifers is paramount if we are to keep water safe for consumption. Fracking is the biggest threat to this endeavor. We do not believe filters, distillation or reverse osmosis can completely remove solvents and chemicals that enter the system via the fracking process. Fortunately, Virginia and Maryland currently ban fracking. Please remind your elected officials to protect our drinking water.

It is our shared opinion that recycling and reuse are not only smart, but are the best ways to conserve. We support the Brundland Commission Report that states, “Our common future is sustainable only if we develop processes that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

We encourage everyone to visit the above-located link for more information.




Virginia Artesian packaging is fully recyclable. We encourage our customers and employees to recycle, and our company promotes State and U.S. legislation on curbside recycling and container deposit laws. All of which will boost general recycling rates and bode favorably for environmental protection outcomes.

Thus, we protect those who are destined to inherit the results.


issues with fracking

As previously addressed, it is important that we protect the small amount of pristine, virgin water that exists on our planet. The fracking process puts such efforts in jeopardy. It can release harmful toxins from cracks in well casings. In turn, these poisons leak into the aquifer, and pose a huge threat to those bodies of water that were as yet unspoiled by solvents, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. When water quality is compromised by fracking, no amount of cleansing will restore it to its natural, pristine condition.


It’s nice when folks appreciate you. Here are a few comments we’ve received about Virginia Artesian water:

A.B. – Staten Island, NY
I am a pastor with Movement Church in Staten Island, NY. We have been down at the beachfront area doing relief efforts since the day after Hurricane Sandy. We have been blessed with every brand of bottled water imaginable, and yours is the best by far. There’s just something about the way it tastes that makes it unique. Keep up the good work.

C.P. – Richmond, VA
I believe this water has made me a water snob. Since drinking Virginia Artesian, the others just don’t taste as good.

C.K. – Chevy Chase, MD
I live in Bethesda/Chevy Chase, Maryland, and love your water. I buy it often, whenever I’m at Whole Foods.

L.S. – Charlottesville, VA
This is so delicious! I was given a bottle at Whole Foods Market today and loved it!

J.S. – Kitty Hawk, NC
I’m a contractor for Dominion Power. We’ve been working on the storm that came through. Yesterday, a radio station brought us some of y’all’s water to the job site where we were restoring power. It was delicious and I’m not a water drinker. Very much enjoyed it.

T.F. – Hampton, VA
I truly love your water!