Fully Custom Branded Water

Your Brand, Design, and Messaging

Our fully adaptive process ensures that your message gets through as intended. We’ll take care of all custom label printing according to your unique design specifications. Printed in your choice of colors and design, your message will be in the hands of loyal customers - on bottles of delicious, pure water that they’re sure to enjoy.


Our Custom label bottled water is available in a variety of bottle sizes and types.

Aluminum, Glass, and Plastic bottles make up our 11 different bottle offerings. Add in our 5 cap colors to choose from and there are 42 different variations to choose from. Your water, with high-quality bottles, caps, and labels is delivered fully custom!


A Spectrum of Sustainable Options

All of our water is bottled at the source in our on-site facility, which is 100% powered by solar energy. That means that just choosing Virginia Artesian for your branded water order is a huge leap towards sustainability. You can go a step further by selecting one of our sustainable bottle options: aluminum or glass. Meet the new expectations of environmentally-conscious consumers by choosing a sustainable bottle for your branded water.


Affordable Pricing, Easy Process, Quick Turn Around

Pricing is determined by your bottle choice and includes shipping to your location. You’ll receive our dedicated, expert attention from start to finish. We handle all the printing for custom label bottled water orders, and you will love the results! What’s more, your custom label bottled water can be delivered as soon as two weeks after your order is placed.


Naturally Pure Artesian Water

Our water comes from an artesian aquifer 400 feet below the surface. The aquifer is surrounded by stone, which acts as a layer of natural protection against surface contamination. Before bottling, the water passes through a 2-step filtering process, UV light sterilization, and finally ozonation to ensure pure, safe, and excellent-tasting artesian water. Our water doesn’t require or contain the chemicals, additives, and purifying agents found in many other bottled waters, so you can rest assured that your customers are sipping on the best water nature has to offer.

What People Who Have Tasted Our Water Say

Excellent job with the water bottles, always a quality job with water as well. Highly recommended.
Andrew Bacon
Did a fantastic job with the art work and an outstanding tasting water!!!
Bradley Ford Lanterman
Virginia Artesian truly is the best tasting water, and they go above and beyond taking care of their customers!
Brandi Bovell
Clean, crisp, high quality water. Love it.
Denise Gibson
Water is wonderful. It was in our hotel room in DC and I cannot drink enough of it.
Matthew Kinnard
Virginia Artesian water tastes delicious, and has no sodium, no additives. The bottles are easy to open, too, and sturdy.
Kathy Garges
I travel internationally on a frequent basis and can honestly say that Virginia Artesian water has excellent taste. It ranks with the best in the world! Great product!
Lin Brown
Normally not a big water drinker, but this water is delicious. Comes in a sturdy plastic bottle, too. I love this water!
Donald Hoffman
Best water in the world! Awesome local company with the best employees!
Justin Goodwin
You won’t find better people than Steve and his staff.
Walter Mac Osbourne

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