The Best Bottled Drinking Water You’ve Ever Tasted

If you’re looking for the best bottled water provided sustainably by a local supplier, we’ve got exactly what you need. You can find Virginia Artesian’s bottled water brand in stores at the following convenient locations.

      Our Distributors

      We’re thankful to the following distributors for making Virginia Artesian water easily available for purchase from Washington, DC, to Durham, NC, and from Charlottesville to Hampton Roads, VA.


      Not only does our water taste clean and refreshing, our entire bottling process has been engineered to preserve purity and promote sustainability.


      What People Who Have Tasted Our Water Say

      Excellent job with the water bottles, always a quality job with water as well. Highly recommended.
      Andrew Bacon
      Did a fantastic job with the art work and an outstanding tasting water!!!
      Bradley Ford Lanterman
      Virginia Artesian truly is the best tasting water, and they go above and beyond taking care of their customers!
      Brandi Bovell
      Clean, crisp, high quality water. Love it.
      Denise Gibson
      Water is wonderful. It was in our hotel room in DC and I cannot drink enough of it.
      Matthew Kinnard
      Virginia Artesian water tastes delicious, and has no sodium, no additives. The bottles are easy to open, too, and sturdy.
      Kathy Garges
      I travel internationally on a frequent basis and can honestly say that Virginia Artesian water has excellent taste. It ranks with the best in the world! Great product!
      Lin Brown
      Normally not a big water drinker, but this water is delicious. Comes in a sturdy plastic bottle, too. I love this water!
      Donald Hoffman
      Best water in the world! Awesome local company with the best employees!
      Justin Goodwin
      You won’t find better people than Steve and his staff.
      Walter Mac Osbourne

        Discover the Best Bottled Water: Virginia Artesian Water

        We wholeheartedly believe that our artesian well water is the best bottled drinking water around and can’t wait for you to experience it. We are here to help place an order or discuss custom labeling options. Drink up!

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